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The experienced and multi-disciplinary staff of Wind Beneath My Wings is available to:


Wind Beneath My Wings relies upon best practices and welcomes your thoughts and feedback in helping identify effective means by which our organization may continue to support individuals, businesses and organizations that share common vision, mission or values.

Spirit in the Workplace:

WBMW helps in identifying the practices that are most aligned with the culture you are intending to create within your organization and develop the elements that will help nurture a culture of spirit, intention, commitment and vision within your organization.

Appreciative Inquiry:

Recognize and nurture the learning and talents inherent in the successes of your organization. WBMW offers workshops that facilitate a group discovery process - a systems inquiry into what is best in an organization and its employees. The achievements and internal assets identified by means of this appreciative inquiry will support and evolve your strategic planning, organizational development and change initiatives.

Organizational Development:

WBMW offers specialized services to help support stakeholders and organizations in the early stages of the growth and development of your business or non-profit, and in securing tax-exempt status. These services are available to eligible entities and include strategic planning, capacity building, board development, as well as serving as a fiscal sponsor for newly formed organizations.

Economic Development:

 WBMW offers the services of its legal and business counsel in those areas of economic development and initiatives for which your organization may seek greater clarity and guidance.

Social Enterprise:

WBMW's specialized services include strategic and business planning, board of director development, as well as consulting on social enterprise initiatives for purposes of exploring & developing new and alternative revenue streams for your organization.

Educational Initiatives::

Engage WBMW consultants who will help promote and develop leadership for the improvement and advancement of quality charter schools, public schools, as well as enhanced advocacy to help improve education initiatives.

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