partners in self-empowerment

What is our Mission?

Wind Beneath My Wings Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to community building through self empowerment of the individual by promoting self awareness, health & wellness, emotional intelligence and leadership. 

All workshops are facilitated by seasoned and experienced practitioners who share common values on matters of education, health, wellness, personal awareness, spirituality and community building. Our facilitated coaching is offered to individuals on a one to one basis, or in small groups. The workshops and programs offered are suitable for integration into you Company’s organizational Wellness Programs. 

Wind Beneath My Wings welcomes the opportunity to discuss a suitable program designed around your specific needs and objectives. Please call 845-659-4112 or email to

Wind Beneath My Wings also offers specialized consulting services
to individuals and organizations
in the areas of education, strategic planning, board development,
economic development and social enterprise initiatives. 
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