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Body Mind & Spirit Principles for Living

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The connection between body and mind is now more commonly recognized than ever before. Spiritual teachings have long provided guidance on this subject and now, even Western medicine, has come to accept the interconnection between body and mind.  There is less resistance nowadays to the notion that a stressed mind is conducive to physical ailments, and a healthy body lends itself to a peaceful state of mind. Many physicians and many in medical profession have recognized and acknowledged the relationship between body and mind. 
Body Mind and Spirit / Soul are the three major facets of our human experience.  As a person who has studied and adopted body, mind & spirit practices into my life, I have discerned that the following Body-Mind-Spirit principles provide me with guidance and insight:
  • I am in partnership with my body. All that I do and think is received and integrated by my body;
  • My body is my friend and supports me in all that I do. I am a good friend and support my body in kind.
  • My body is my guide and provides me with insight and inner knowing. I bring awareness to and listen to the language of my body.
  • My thoughts reflect how I co-create my reality. I am responsible for my thoughts.
  • Awareness of my thoughts and perceptions allows me to better understand and shape my experience of reality.
  • I am able to train my mind, and in so doing, I am empowered to live the life that I desire. I change my thoughts and therefore change my life. 
  • Energy always existed and will always exist. This energy flows through me and within me. All of life vibrates with energy.
  • There is a law of attraction in the universe and my thoughts and feelings attract the persons, circumstances and things that are in alignment with my energy vibrations.
  • I am one with the infinite Source Energy for there is no place where this Life Force does not exist. I can call upon these spiritual principles at all times – in all venues. 
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