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It is my observation that there are indeed major changes taking place in our lives & in the world. One need only consider the changes that have been taking place in this country and throughout the world to realize the shift in worldview that has begun to blossom. Examine the economic disruptions that we have experienced in this county and throughout the world – or take a look at the social upheavals taking place in the Middle East and other parts of the world – or the issues we are facing evidenced by the stagnancy in our democratic political system … Read More

Body Mind & Spirit Principles for Living

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The connection between body and mind is now more commonly recognized than ever before. Spiritual teachings have long provided guidance on this subject and now, even Western medicine, has come to accept the interconnection between body and mind.  There is less resistance nowadays to the notion that a stressed mind is conducive to physical ailments, and a healthy body lends itself to a peaceful state of mind. Many physicians and many in medical profession have recognized and acknowledged the relationship between body and mind.  Body Mind and Spirit / Soul are the three major facets of our human experience.  As … Read More

Cultural Creatives

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There is a growing mass of individuals – from all walks of life, social class and political persuasions – who represent an alternative consciousness in relation to the meaning they have given to their lives and how they view their relationship with others and the world. The term, first coined by sociologist Paul H. Ray and psychologist Sherry Ruth Anderson, in their 2000 publication, is Cultural Creatives. It is suggested that if you have 10 or more of the following qualities or orientations, you are a Cultural Creative:  love of nature and deep caring about its preservation, and its natural … Read More

What Do You Say to Yourself?

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  Have you ever noticed a homeless person walking the streets talking to themselves? Have you ever noticed an evidently mentally ill person talking to themselves?  Interesting enough is that  we are all much like any of these persons for whom we may have expressed some pity or compassion. The only difference is that we do are talking silently – in our minds – usually without an outward verbal expression of the dialog that continues incessantly in our mind. The difference then becomes what are we saying to ourselves. What is the nature of the self talk that often continues … Read More


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Many folks wait for the new year to set new year resolutions for themselves. These resolutions are often in the form of statements made by a person that reflect the intentions for the new year or affirmations of the positive change that a person intends to bring to fruition in the new year. In other words, these resolutions are the declarations of what is to come or declarations of the change that will be expressed by an individual in the upcoming year.  Yet, the reality is that we need not wait for a new year to make our resolutions. Every … Read More

Walking on Water


The real miracle is not to walk on water or walk on air. The real miracle is to walk on earth. With these words, I am reminded that I am not necessarily required – or called upon – to do the extraordinary, but to live my life with clarity of intention, mindfulness of my thoughts, words and actions and vigilant one day at a time. This will more than suffice.   Like this:Like Loading…

The Kingdom Dwells Within You

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The Abrahamic religions are the 3 major world religions that trace their genesis to a common origin, namely, the person of Abraham. These religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Together they comprise approximately 50% of all religious adherents. Each of these world religions are premised upon the belief in a supreme God that is absolute and infinite in nature. Similarly, there are other religions and religious belief systems that accept the notion of an infinite and absolute supreme being  – irrespective of the name or reference attributed to this supreme being . It is estimated that no less than  60% percent … Read More

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