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Many folks wait for the new year to set new year resolutions for themselves. These resolutions are often in the form of statements made by a person that reflect the intentions for the new year or affirmations of the positive change that a person intends to bring to fruition in the new year. In other words, these resolutions are the declarations of what is to come or declarations of the change that will be expressed by an individual in the upcoming year.

 Yet, the reality is that we need not wait for a new year to make our resolutions. Every day, we have the ability to make affirmations for the positive change we desire to see and experience. Indeed, several times throughout each and every day, we have the opportunity to declare for ourselves the positive change that we desire to see in our person and in our life. This takes place every time we speak or think an I AM statement.

 I AM are the two most powerful words that exists – for everything that follows these two words will become our reality.

We must come to understand that your thoughts, feelings and expressions of “I AM,” set into action an energy, a power, a force that will propel you forward in the direction of the change you desire to see – for yourself – and for your life. Whether we attribute this force to the God presence within the universe, the law of attraction or the power of the subconscious mind is inconsequential – the fact remains that there is an energy and a power that arises from the use of our words and the nature of our thoughts.

It is wise to be mindful that this same energy and power will act against us as well. For every time you say “I AM not,” “I cannot,” “I have not,” you are, whether knowingly or unknowingly, activating this energy and force to restrain the change you may desire for yourself.

 Thus, whether in the form of our new year resolutions or in our daily thoughts and statements to ourselves -

 Speak the power of your words mindfully and deliberately.

Be vigilant in the expression of your words and change the experience of reality.

Change your thoughts and change your life. 

Live life fully.



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