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Mind – Body & Soul



Practices that teach focus and mindful attention to the language of the body and our body & mind relationships.

Tai Chi Chuan / Chi Gong
Gentle and sophisticated exercises and movements that help direct energy within the body and promote vitality and longevity. These practices develop the power of the breath while they keep the body flexible and produce a calm and peaceful state of mind, as well as enhance body & mind awareness and connection.

Healthy Living
Attention to healthy lifestyles practices, as well as matters of food, nutrition, diet and natural supplements.

Stress Management
Relaxation techniques and exercises to reduce and manage stress in our physical and emotional environments.



Effective Communication

Develop effective communication and listening skills that help foster better understanding of ourselves and others while still recognizing our different perspectives of the world. Effective communication enhances rapport skills and connection with others. These tools and resources will provide you with the knowledge base and understanding to help build a more meaningful relationship with others and yourself.

Compassionate Communication

Inspired by the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg Ph.D., and the principles of non-violent communication, facilitated workshops  help us better recognize how we express ourselves and how we hear others, by focusing our awareness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting. Understanding that our words reflect the world we create for ourselves, we are offered an opportunity to create mutual understanding, cooperation and connection.

Alternative Dispute Resolution. Explore a variety of tools, skills and practices that support alternative dispute resolution and creative responses to conflict.

Diversity Training

Enhance awareness of inherent and often unconscious bias and learn approaches and practices to help reduce bias and prejudices.  Learn the value of diversity & resolving conflict while encouraging respect and teamwork. Broaden your understanding as to the strengths and difficulties of individuals and groups other than your own, better appreciate different perspectives, and feel comfortable in connecting with the diversity of your community or workplace.

Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

Help build a foundation for the nurturing of emotional intelligence and leadership. Learn the skills that are fundamental to self-empowerment, responsibility and leadership.

Personal Development & Excellence

Learn how to effectively understand your feelings and behaviors and help improve your life by freeing yourself from self-limiting habits and beliefs. Develop new life strategies for responding to problems and criticism, increase your optimal productivity, and fully access you inner resources and full capabilities.



Internal Arts

Heighten awareness and understanding of various forms of energy practices, all serving the purpose of developing greater relaxation, improving concentration and memory, nurturing intuition & creative thinking. Learn the tools for achieving greater choices and enhanced inner resources.

Contemplative Arts

Explore the inner personal journeys and contemplative practices that expand awareness, mindfulness and spiritual growth.

Wisdom Traditions

Explore an interfaith study and inquiry into the wisdom reflected in our varied religious and spiritual traditions.



Specialized Services

Our in-house professionals also provide specialized services to individuals, businesses and organizations sharing common values & vision in the areas of education, health, wellness, peace, spirituality and community building.

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