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The Kingdom Dwells Within You

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The Abrahamic religions are the 3 major world religions that trace their genesis to a common origin, namely, the person of Abraham. These religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Together they comprise approximately 50% of all religious adherents.

Each of these world religions are premised upon the belief in a supreme God that is absolute and infinite in nature. Similarly, there are other religions and religious belief systems that accept the notion of an infinite and absolute supreme being  – irrespective of the name or reference attributed to this supreme being . It is estimated that no less than  60% percent of religious adherents believe in a single infinite and absolute divine entity that is the source of all life and creation.

Interesting enough, by the very definition of an infinite being, the essential nature of that which is attributed to this absolute being must exist in all persons and all life. Since there is no place wherein an infinite God cannot exist or have presence, then by its very nature, it follows that God exists within all human beings.

Without debating the tenets of any religious doctrine or belief system, imagine the implications of this notion – if we were to accept that the essence of the divine exists in each of us. Would this necessarily require us to look upon each other – to view and to accept all persons – as an expression of the divine?

Try that notion on for size. Imagine a critical mass of individuals viewing and treating each other with the love and compassion that is deserving of a form of life in which the divine dwells – regardless of  background, race, class, national origin, politics or religion.

May we come to appreciate the meaning and significance of our expanding consciousness – which brings enhanced awareness to our relationship with the divine, our life and each other.

Peace and blessings.

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