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What Do You Say to Yourself?

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Have you ever noticed a homeless person walking the streets talking to themselves? Have you ever noticed an evidently mentally ill person talking to themselves?

 Interesting enough is that  we are all much like any of these persons for whom we may have expressed some pity or compassion. The only difference is that we do are talking silently – in our minds – usually without an outward verbal expression of the dialog that continues incessantly in our mind.

The difference then becomes what are we saying to ourselves. What is the nature of the self talk that often continues incessantly – day and night?  Since our subconscious mind will accept as truth the self talk we tell ourselves, it is important to vigilantly monitor whether our self talk is of a critical quality or not. Equally true is the fact that the subconscious mind will instantly accept as true the positive affirmations that we express and repeat to ourselves.

Try this practice on for size: Set aside some part of a day and merely listen to your thoughts – your self talk.  What is the nature of your self talk? Is it critical – is it demeaning – or is it positive and uplifting? If not, be mindful of your self talk – and then deliberately change the quality of your self talk.


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